Dramione AU: Hermione and Astoria get into a verbal, underhanded fight over Draco (requested by jessdilley)

Astoria stared condescendingly down at Hermione, who tried to hide her discomfiture with a sunny smile. “To what do I owe the pleasure, Astoria?” she asked in a surprisingly calm voice. 

"You know why I’m here, Miss… Granger," Astoria bit off with blunt distaste. "I want you to stay away from my fiancé,"

Hermione wanted to laugh at the look of pure outrage on Malfoy’s soon-to-be-wife’s face. She thought she looked absolutely drab and plain next to Astoria at the moment, with her unruly curls, wrinkled shirt and stained jeans. Why she seemed so intent to think of her as a threat, she had absolutely no idea.

"I wasn’t aware I’ve been anywhere near him for the last few months," Hermione countered smoothly, a hint of frost in her tone. It was partly true, for she had only seen Malfoy once in the past five months. Once was enough to make her realize that he was unhappy with his upcoming nuptials to the youngest Greengrass heiress. 

Astoria’s eyes flashed with barely suppressed anger. “Don’t play games with me, you filthy little mudblood. I know that Draco has been seeing you behind my back. I don’t know why he finds some sort of sick satisfaction with you, but I want you to stay away from him,”


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